Flower Carpet

Flower Carpet is a event in Brussels at the Grand Place, the historic center of the city. Artists and artisants weave a carpet-like tapestry out of colorful begonias , which is  flower that represents one of Belgium’s major exports since 1860.
Nearly a million flowers are required to create the ephemeral 1,800 square meter carpet.
The “Tapis de Fleurs de Bruxelles” Association was created at the initiative of City of Brussels in cooperation with the Province de Brabant and the “Les Franc-Bourgeois” .
The event is held every two years and lasts from 3 to 4 days, including the weekend of 15th August.
Each two years, organizers of the Flower Carpet select a theme for inspiration.
The theme of my images is the 50th anniversary of Turkish immigrant.


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